HMS Industrial Networks AB

The Anybus X-gateway family upgraded to make industrial networking even easier

Anybus X-gateways are used in thousands of industrial applications all over the world to enable communication between two industrial networks (fieldbus or industrial Ethernet). These popular “network translators” are now modernized as HMS Industrial Networks introduces a new version of Anybus X-gateways, designed to meet the future of the automation industry. The new version contains several new features, but is fully backwards compatible meaning that existing users can easily upgrade to the new version without hassle.


Mécanat Précision acquires a Huron MX 12 M 5-axis milling centre

Mécanat Précision, a company of the Euclide Industrie Group, has just commissioned a Huron MX 12 M 5-axis milling centre. This versatile machine allows complex machining operations on parts intended for use in aerospace and energy applications. Huron differentiated itself from its competitors by proposing a special configuration of its milling centre. This move paid off, for Mécanat Précision made a sizeable investment in an industrial capital good that is expected to be in operation over the next 20 years!


Durance Verdon

EDF's Durance Verdon hydroelectricity basin consists of 17 dams and 30 power stations with a total installed capacity of 2200MW and production of 6.5 billion kWh. Most of the power plants have been in use thirty years or more and maintenance operations are vital to ensure optimum production. Verlinde hoists are installed at all plants and have to meet very specific operating conditions.

NORD Drivesystems

SK180E: intelligent IP69K drives for pumps and conveyors in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies efficient drive units for dynamic speed control and automatic process control in applications that need to be regularly cleaned with high-pressure steam jets. Developed for strict hygiene requirements and featuring IP66/IP69K ingress protection, smooth-surface motors with an integrated frequency inverter are available for the 0.37..1.1 kW performance range. Common applications include conveyors, pumps, mixers, and agitators. Sensor data such as pressure or flow rate values can be directly communicated to the drives, enabling them to automatically adapt to current demand. If partial load operation is frequent, an automatic energy-saving function decreases the running costs by a significant share. In conveyor applications, light barriers can be used for contact-free or gapless accumulation. A soft start function reduces the starting current and results in less stress on the mechanical system and the transported goods.

Keyence UK

Keyence's image dimension measurement system makes dimensional checks much faster

LISI MEDICAL's plant in Miribel, a French town just outside the city of Lyon, specialises in the outsourcing of surgical implants and ancillary items. Consisting primarily of plates and screws, these parts require precision manufacturing and are inspected by the plant's metrology department. The typical tolerances are in the order of 0.1 to 0.05 mm.

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