Faiveley Transport platform doors for the Seville metro

To highlight its intention to set itself apart in the fields of service quality and passenger safety, the city of Seville has decided to equip its metro line with platform doors. In this context, Faiveley was able to make all the difference, thanks to its reputation in the railway equipment field and its ability to provide a turnkey solution, overcoming the usual difficulties concerning interfacing between the trains and the platform door system (train-wayside communication).


Cut out the waiting with the MDM300 Advanced Dew-point Hygrometer

Dew points as low as -70°C can now be measured accurately in less than 10 minutes – faster in many cases. Michell Instruments’ MDM300 advanced dew-point hygrometer can save engineers weeks of waiting time each year. MDM300 main applications are: compressed air dryers, medical gas quality checks, plastic moulding air dryers, SF6 in high voltage switchgear, industrial gas production and supply, pipeline drying, metallurgy...


Close to 500 MapleSim licenses

Maplesoft™, today announced that its recently released modeling and simulation software, MapleSim™, has received tremendous response from around the world. Close to 500 licenses have been sold in the six months since its release in December 2008. After a successful pilot testing period, MapleSim adoption has been swift and far-reaching.


IS 900

Gravograph’s new mechanical engraving machine provides many new functions, including ‘point and shoot’ and handling of strips without length limits. IS 900 is designed for flat engraving of identification plates or cutting and engraving of sheets of any material, including aluminium.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

UTS Hi seal PCB version

The latest addition to the SOURIAU UTS range is a sealed plastic open face connector for printed circuit boards. It is the only one on the market to provide IP68 and IP69K ingress protection ratings, even when it is unmated. The UTS Hi seal PCB versionis intended particularly for electronics applications subjected to wide temperature variations, generating condensation, and to submerged environments: instrumentation in humid environments, outdoor light fixtures, road signs, off-road vehicles, wastewater treatment stations, etc.


ROBA®-Co-Pro, small torque limiting clutch for great constructions

The new ROBA®-Co-Pro is a compact, performance optimised torque limiting clutch, which matches the concept of modern, energy-efficient machines and systems perfectly. Its performance density (Nm/cm3) is up to 6 times higher than on other load-holding torque limiting clutches.


Nicolás Correa chooses new Redex Andantex ‘KRPX’ rack&pinion drives for its new range of bridge-type milling machines

For its new range of VERSA milling machines, Nicolás Correa has adopted for both X and Y linear axis the TwinDrive rack & pinion drives from REDEX ANDANTEX. Electrically preloaded, this linear drive system achieves unique precision for such huge machine-tools.


Sector S-26 – Villalonquéjar IV Industrial Estate Development Project (Burgos)

We present the Sector S-26 – Villalonquéjar IV Industrial Estate Development Project situated in the city of Burgos, a project undertaken with Amitech Spain Flowtite GFRP pipes. The project consists in installing drains to transport rainwater by means of a gravity outlet.


Hysys Office 5.25

Hysys Office 5.25 is the first water circulation solution for the services market to incorporate heating, summer comfort and air quality functions. Entirely modular, most of its components are proven standard items from the CIAT range. This means that more than a hundred different versions can be produced, tailored to each specific configuration at optimum cost. Fully upgradeable, Hysys Office 5.25 is available in three comfort versions and offers the best environmental performance.

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